Remove existing driveway or parking lot and discard. (price includes removal of approximately two
inches of existing driveway only. An additional charge will be applied if any other layers are found.)
Re-grade and level. Lay approximately 4 inches RCA (recycled concrete aggregate i.e.- crushed
concrete) base, power roll and let sit anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Day of pave- regrade, level and
add stone base if necessary. Install approximately two inches of asphalt and power roll.
Must stay off of area for 7 days.
We install Belgium Block borders and aprons, paver aprons, patios and walkways, pool areas,
retaining walls, stoops and all concrete work.
We use only the best material available, Velvetop, which is a tar based emulsion that is absorbed in
the driveway to protect it from all of the elements – cold, heat, rain, snow etc. It is unlike common
store bought materials, which are usually latex based and lay on top of the driveway and tend to
crack & peel, obviously not providing protection. The sealcoat is hand applied with brushes, as
opposed to being sprayed on, providing the most complete and effective method of protection for
the driveway surface.
Must not drive on driveway for 24 hours.
Any repair to a crack is just that- a repair, which is a temporary solution to an inevitable returning of
the crack, as well as it being noticeable. Depending on the severity there are a few ways to repair.
  *  For a couple of cracks greater than 1/8 of an inch to about ¼ inch we can use                
trowlable crackfill.
  *  For multiple hairline cracks we can use a substance called Black Beauty on the entire
driveway. This material has a texture of a gritty, sandy nature. The color is black. After application,
swirl marks may or may not be noticeable. There is no guarantee that the product will not “drop”
into the cracks, or that it will stop the cracks from spreading. It is applied at the same time the
sealer is applied.
We can remove & replace deteriorated sections of your driveway or parking lot. A hot patch repair
is usually for a larger area that is in bad shape. There are two ways to do this type of repair.
Overlay - hot asphalt is used to go over the existing bad area. The sides are hot tarred to
prevent peeling up.
Saw cut - uses an asphalt cutting saw to remove the deteriorated area, the asphalt is
removed and discarded. If necessary recycled concrete is added and then the area is filled with hot
asphalt. The sides are hot tarred.
We use the latest equipment and the best paint available. Striping services include: handicap stalls,
curbing, fire safety zone, stall numbering and stenciling. Striping can be done on an existing layout,
or tailored to meet your needs.
Suffolk License- 26520-HI  Nassau License- H2303010000   INSURED